Pastoral Care is one of the key pillars of a Loreto education; we are committed to providing a nurturing community where each student is known, valued and empowered.

To enable this, we deliver effective support structures and programs that enhance student wellbeing and resilience, while promoting academic growth. We also strive to foster trusting relationships that support parents and families.

To support the social and emotional wellbeing and personal development of all students, the Director of Pastoral Care works in effective collaboration with our Pastoral Team which consists of six Year Level Coordinators, two Counsellors and our Learning Enrichment Coordinator. Students are part of a homeroom, led by two homeroom teachers who work in partnership to provide a constant level of care. Our students are known and valued and our strong support network works effectively to promote this.

Particular attention is paid to students as they first enter the Loreto community to ensure they are supported as they develop a sense of belonging and connectedness. A coordinated Personal Development program caters for different levels of maturity and the range of student interests and needs.

Students are encouraged to treat each person with courtesy and respect and to be attentive to the needs and feelings of others. A high standard of behaviour, reflective of these values, is expected both within and outside the school, in face-to-face and on-line interactions.

There are many opportunities for students to contribute, to become involved and to be affirmed for their efforts and achievements. It is our aim that each girl feels valued and connected within the school community.


  • Each member of staff has a responsibility towards Pastoral Care;
  • Year Level Co-ordinators assume greater responsibility;
  • The Director of Pastoral Care has the overall delegated responsibility;
  • The Principal has the final responsibility.

Our Pastoral Care:

  • takes cognizance of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development to enable each person to reach full potential;
  • fosters the creation of an atmosphere of trust where the dignity and worth of each person is continually affirmed;
  • is the responsibility of all members of the school community and should permeate all relationships within the community;
  • provides the dynamic underpinning for curriculum policy and decision-making;
  • influences the school’s structures and programmes of personal development and leadership training, valuing the gifts of each one and facilitating her/his enhancement;
  • ensures that the total well-being of individual students and staff is taken into account when new or potentially conflicting demands or expectations arise;
  • ensures that discipline within the school is based on principles of justice and respects the rights of individuals.
  • strives to reflect the ideals, values and emphases of the Loreto Educational Philosophy 1977, A Preferential Option for the Poor 1990 and the Loreto Schools of Australia Mission Statement 1998